Employment Opportunities

Yes, Virginia, a centralized statewide job board does exist!   

No, Virginia, you will no longer be able to post job announcements on the Recovery Blast portal! 

If you are looking for qualified peer supporters, or if you are looking for employment, internship, or volunteer opportunities, you might just find your perfect match on the Virginia Peer Recovery Specialist Network. (https://virginiapeerspecialistnetwork.org.) 

The VPRSN provides a central resource center of volunteer/job opportunities for peer supporters in Virginia. Public and private agencies can post their peer supporter opportunities – both paid and volunteer - in a job board format for those looking for paid or volunteer experience. The VPRSN invites agencies providing peer services to submit news of internships to which aspiring Peer Recovery Specialists (PRS) might apply. 

To post volunteer/job opportunities, https://virginiapeerspecialistnetwork.org/internships/submit-internship/

To look for volunteer/job opportunities, https://virginiapeerspecialistnetwork.org/internships/find-internship/